Cameron Wood


Welcome to my portfolio! I've been programming games and developing software for over 10 years. I mainly use C++ and UE4/UE5 but I also have experience with other languages and engines for both game development and software development.


I love to learn new skills, master old ones, and create software. If you see anything of interest or have questions about my work and availability feel free to send me an email at anytime.

Programming Languages
  • C++, C#, WinForms

  • UE5, UE4
  • UE3, UDK
  • Source Engine
  • GameMaker

  • Gameplay
  • Replication, Networking, Multiplayer Security
  • AI, Navigation
  • Generalist programming for a variety of fields in engines, gamedev, and software
  • LAN/WAN/IP, VPNs, FTP, VMs, Web Hosting
  • Firewalls, ports, and general networking security

Source Control
  • GIT, Mercurial SCM
  • Perforce

Software & Tools
  • Visual Studio, Visual Assist X
  • Git, TortoiseHG Mercurial, Sublime
  • Google Docs, UML
  • Photoshop, Krita, Audacity
  • Target Process, Trello

  • Windows, Android
  • Linux (Game Servers)



Downcast Games LLC

Starting my own business I focused on creating fun and unique experiences for players:

  • Minigame Game - First-Person, Action, Party-Game - MP
        · Custom node based navigation system for complex AI movement
        · Full client prediction for weapons and movement
        · Lobbies, dedicated servers, and matchmaking functionality
        · Released as a solo project. Developed all features including AI, weapons, replication, gameplay, UI, sounds, etc
        · Using a combination of marketplace assets and my own work, I created all the art, animations, levels, and cosmetics
    • February 2023 - Ongoing


      Contract Work

      Working with a team of programmers I created and help develop the following games and systems:

    •      (Unannounced Title)
          · Navigation System (Optimized for cache missing and memory allocation)
      • Fractured Veil - First-Person, Survival - MMO
            · Open-World MMO AI
            · Gameplay systems (Items, loot distribution, material types)
            · Multiplayer replication, networking, and gameplay security
            · Multi-threaded AI navigation optimizations
            · Engine optimizations
            · Assisted with a successful $100k+ Kickstarter campaign
        • Doomsday 2 & 3 - VR, Action, Rail-Shooter - Arcade LAN-MP
              · VR gameplay
              · AI animation optimizations
              · Dynamic AI scripting (AI will slide off roofs, latch onto the player's vehicle, and open doors)
          •    Yore VR - VR, Simulator, Medieval - SP
                · VR interactions (Pickups, interactables, artist-friendly material system for smelting)
                · Forging (Crafting tools from ingots in VR with mesh slicing)
                · VR ready AI
            • UE4 Engine Plugins
                  · AI Plugin (Optimized for thousands of inactive AI and hundreds of active AI. Fully replicated and MMO ready)
                  · Replication Graph (Optimized actor replication with UE4's early version of the Replication Graph)
              • August 2016 - Present

                Lead Programmer

                Strike Games LLC

                Working as the sole-programmer for the team we created:

              • Vizaris - Third-person, Action, Adventure, Roleplaying, Open-World - MP
                    · Drop-in drop-out cooperative gameplay
                    · Persistent world and actors
                    · Time of Day system with actor and AI blueprint support
                    · Custom external Conversation Editor tool for conversation trees
                    · Character save system that supports Listen, Dedicated, and Single-Player servers
                • Final Rush - First-person, Action, Sci-fi, Arena - MP
                      · Full Steam integration including achievements
                      · Scaleform UI
                      · Controller support
                      · Custom third-party plugin integration using DLLBind
                      · Attachment system that drastically changed firing types and functionality
                      · Progression with unlockable armor, items, skills, and meshes
                  • UE4 - Open-Source Contribution
                        · Fix for mouse smoothing when using slomo
                    • March 2014 - August 2016

                      Open-Source & Personal Projects


                      Breaking into the programming field I started with open-source projects and game modding:

                    • Grey - First-person, Action, Horror, Survival, Storyline, Linear - SP
                          · Interactable VGUI elements with full level-designer support
                          · Advance AI pathing built on top of HL2's PathNode system
                          · Challenge system with scoring for speed-runners
                          · Dynamic ironsight offsetting
                          · Linear story with support for saving and loading at anytime
                      • UDK Simple Publishing Tool
                            · Helped developers quickly upload new game builds to Steam (Cleared logs, updated text files, uploaded)
                        • HL2 Cooperative Base
                              · Contributed an improved trigger entity detection system to allow for detecting individual players
                          • August 2011 - March 2014